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Why Choose Concorde Communications' Bail Bond Answering Services?

  • Our bail bond answering service and call center is based in the U.S.A
  • We save our clients on average $2.8 mil per month and growing
  • Our team has won national quality awards
  • We sound so much like you, callers won't know the difference
  • We customize our services to meet your exact needs

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People get themselves into trouble any time, day or night. That’s why, as a Bail Bonds Agency or Bail Agent, you know it’s critical that your bail bond answering service or call center be available at all times; quickly, accurately and professionally.

Bail Bondsmen have to be available to answer the phone 24/7 and most calls to these agencies come during off hours. A phone call missed in the middle of the night is a lost business opportunity. With the help of a credible answering service company like Concorde Communications, a Bail Bond agency can retain that potentially lost business and turn it into profit.

Our professional, highly trained Bail Bond Answering Service staff will:

  • Quickly respond to calls live, any time, day or night (English and Spanish available).
  • Carefully control how and when you receive calls and messages.
  • Reliably provide round-the-clock coverage for every critical phone line—including holidays and weekends.
  • Efficiently process messages through multiple channels, including telephone, email, voicemail and wireless devices in any combination.
  • Consistently ensure that urgent calls are handled with care and attention.
  • Effectively assist prospective clients by gathering information, answering general questions or make office appointments.

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bail bond answering serviceBail Bonds companies are a vital part of the legal system. Most states allow those that are detained to be released for a pre-determined bail amount. This is a great tool for people to have at their disposal in case an emergency of this nature ever arises. With this in mind, it’s obviously important to have a 24 hour bail bond answering service that can act on behalf of the Bail Bondsmen to get help immediately.

By working closely with a bail bond agency, Concorde Communications is able to piece together a custom script that allows us to portray the professional image of the company we are working for. Our operators will make anyone who calls in believe they are talking to an employee of the company and we will be able to handle all calls efficiently and effectively.

Our standards are set very high for all of our customers. Anyone looking for a Bail Bondsmen is in need of immediate assistance that can only be handled by an expert. We take the time to learn exactly what your business needs to stay productive when you aren’t there and our bail bond answering service will provide anyone who calls in with the highest level of service.

We will not only provide exceptional service to those looking to hire your Bail Bonds Agency, but will field calls from lawyers, law enforcement officials and anyone looking for information. Our bail bond answering service operators will manage each call in an appropriate manner to ensure every situation is handled expeditiously.

Finding a bail bond answering service you can trust is serious business, especially for a Bail Bonds Agency. We treat every call with the utmost importance and do all we can to represent your business in a positive light.

Since 1989, U.S.-based Concorde Communications call centers have been providing the highest quality, bail bond answering services to attorney and bondsmen nationwide. So professional in fact, that your clients may not realize they’ve reached a bail bond answering service.

Our ability to integrate seamlessly with bail bonds agencies is why so many of these companies rely on Concorde Communications and why we have been recognized by the call center industry for our exceptionally high standards of quality service to the legal profession.

Contact us today and discover for yourself how our state-of-the-art technology and professional, caring staff can help you.

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